How to unlock Mio Moov Spirit TV V505,&nbsp from :


this is a light unlocker worked on mio s505

i thing that it work for all spirit models but i try it on mio moov s505

-connect your mio to pc

-unzip, run setup.exe on PC

-click on "Install desktop" in the program window

(see note1 at the end of this text.)

-Text in program will change from "locked: yes", to "locked: no"

-Click on "My Computer", go to "d:\mio\program files\navman\smartST_CE" directory

(In my case it was d:\, you might have different letter, like f:\)

-rename smartST_CE.exe to smartST_CE1.exe

(if you want to set mio to locked state again, you must rename smartST1_CE.exe to smartST_CE.exe and run setup.exe on PC)


-put it on "d:\mio\program files\unlock\desktop" directory

(this is for connection between mio and pc)

-disconnect mio from PC by removing the usb cable.

-Reset mio by using the switch on the top (put it all the way to the right, then all the way to the left)

-click on start

-click on fileman

-navigate to "/my flash disk/program files/navman/smartST_CE" directory

-you will see smartST_CE1.exe

-click once on it to select it.

-go to menu "File/create shortcut"

-connect mio to pc

-open "my computer/mio moov s505/program files/navman/smartST_CE" directory on PC

-copy the "smartST_CE1" shortcut you created to:

"my computer/mio moov s505/program files/unlock/desktop" directory

-delete the the original "smart_st_ce" shortcut

-reset and disconnect mio. start it again and you will see the wince screen with new sortcut

-You can create shortcuts to other programs and put them in "my computer/mio moov s505/program files/unlock/desktop" directory

-you can change background image:

download images from:

-copy image to: "my computer/mio mio moov s505"

-rename the image to i.bmp

then any time you start up your mio, this image will be used as a wallpaper

note: if fileman creates shortcut to directory instead of a shortcut to a file, open file in a notepad, on a pc (or on a gps), and add nameoftheprogram.exe to the and of the line

-You can run Igo on this gps

-I haven't been able to start explorer on this gps

-I haven't been able to start Windowsce Explorer on this gps.

-I haven't been able to start Garmin on this gps.

note1: this program adds some files, and changes first section of the file "appstartupsec.ini" to this:



ProcessFile=\Program Files\Unlock\PNADesktop.exe